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Woodside Residence

New Construction, Residential
  • Overview
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Project type: New Construction & Residential
Project budget: Private
Project size: 7,000 SF Main house + 2300 SF Pool house
Client: Private

Primary responsibilities:

  • Manage the design and construction process
  • Coordinate the design team
  • Manage the project budget and schedule
  • Coordinate design activities with construction schedule requirements
  • Coordinate permitting and utility requirements

Project Goals/Challenges:

  • Complete the construction of main house concurrently with accelerated construction of pool house, site work and landscaping.
  • Coordinate site activities for minimal disruption to family
  • Develop a design process to meet an accelerated schedule
  • Manage outstanding permitting process

As with many large residential projects, this project was not progressing as anticipated or desired by the owners. The owners had moved back into the main house, thinking everything would be completed within 6 months! The project had already been in progress for 3 years and the owners were suffering “construction fatigue”. LHC was hired to “save the day.”

An excellent design and construction team was in place; all that was missing was a team leader to coordinate, support and direct. Working with the entire construction team, we first developed a detailed phased project plan for the completion of the site work which included not only the landscaping but septic, new PGE service and transformer, generator, solar, upgraded power panels, a new fire hydrant, and large autocourt. We also recommended to the client that a second contractor be brought on to focus solely on the pool house and surrounding hardscape, which they agreed to do. With the design team, we then developed and managed the design schedule to coordinate with the construction schedule of the pool house. The design process proceeded effectively, with the clients regularly engaged in order to maintain the construction schedule. With careful monitoring of the budget and schedule, the project was completed under budget and in the time frame planned.

Architect: Andrew Skurman Architects
Interior Designer: Rebecca Bradley Interior Design
Landscape Architect: Bob Cleaver Design
Landscape Contractor: Colony
Contractor: Gary Staff Construction (Main house + Site)
Drew Maran Construction (Pool House)

Photographs © Paul Dyer