Owner Advisory

Project success starts with a great beginning. Whether as a distinct phase or as part of our full project management services, we start all projects by helping owners not only to set their goals, but also set the culture, organization, and expectations for the project. We bring together the right resources and create the road map to achieve a successful project outcome.

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  • Establish goals and objectives for the project.
  • Develop strategy for meeting stated project goals.
  • Prepare comprehensive Project Plan, identifying all major tasks, milestone dates, and areas of responsibility.
  • Establish communication protocols and the decision-making process with Client.

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  • Establish the project parameters for quality, budget and schedule.
  • Develop preliminary master budget, identifying all potential expenditures for the project.
  • Develop project meeting schedule to meet the goals of the Project Plan.

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  • Identify all Consultants required for completion of the project (i.e. Architect, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, and Engineers).
  • Prepare and issue a Request for Proposal for the required primary consultants.
  • Coordinate and conduct interviews with Client.
  • Assist with contract negotiations and final review of all contracts.

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  • Schedule and conduct a kick-off meeting for all team members.
  • Establish strategy to meet all project goals.
  • Coordinate and attend (3) meetings/conference calls as required for the programming and schematic design phase of the project.
  • Follow up meetings as requested by Owner.


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